Composite Bonding

Chipping and light damage to teeth is a very common occurrence

It can really leave you feeling self-conscious if a front tooth chips. Bonding is a natural-looking and fast way to rebuild the structure of damaged teeth.

We use composite for bonding to teeth, which is a dental resin made from a mix of plastic and glass beads. It can perfectly mimic tooth enamel and dentine and we can colour-match it so it looks just like your natural tooth.

Composite is usually built directly onto your tooth and with minimal removal of any enamel. For larger cases, an impression is taken and the composite restorations are made indirectly in the laboratory by a dental technician, before returning them to us to place in the mouth. Bonding requires a large degree of skill to accurately build up the shape of a tooth from scratch, but our dentists can make it appear as if there was no damage in the first place.

Why have composite bonding?

Unlike other types of restorative and cosmetic treatments, it is a minimally invasive procedure requiring little or no tooth substance to be removed. Direct bonding is quick, everything happens in our practice.

What is involved in the treatment?

Looking after your restored teeth

Composite bonding is extremely strong, but, as with your natural teeth, damage can occur, especially if you bite on hard foods or have an accident. The good news is that this is repairable, and usually there is no catastrophic damage to the underlying tooth, as the composite will debond before this can happen. We can add a little bit more composite onto an existing restoration, which is not as easy with a crowned tooth.

Good oral hygiene at home will keep your bonded teeth lasting for as long as possible. You may require hygiene maintenance on these restorations, particularly if you like to drink strong tea or coffee or enjoy other food and drinks that stain your teeth. This can be done at your regular check-ups.

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