Smoking Cessation

Smoking is bad for your oral health

Most people know that smoking is bad for their general health, but fewer know what effects it has on their oral health. Smoking results in unsightly staining of teeth, from nicotine and tar and causes bad breath. It can also lead to gum disease and subsequent tooth loss. More worryingly it can cause mouth and throat cancers.

At Cwmbran Dental Care we passionately want to help smokers give up their habit. Our dentists and hygienists are fully trained in smoking cessation. We do this by adopting the 4 A’s model to identify smokers who want to stop and hopefully help them achieve their goal.


We ask about your smoking habits and history


We advise you about the value of stopping smoking, making it personalised and relevant to you.


  • We negotiate a quit date, as you need time to prepare
  • We review past experiences of quitting, what helped or hindered your progress in the past
  • We identify any potential problems ahead and plan how these can be dealt with
  • We stress the importance of enlisting the support of friends, family and colleagues as it’s hard to go it alone
  • We explore using nicotine replacement therapy
  • We give you details of telephone support lines which can provide ongoing support and encouragement – Help Me Quit 0800 0852219


  • We monitor your progress, sometimes it takes several attempts to stop
  • We can refer you to a specialist for intensive support to quit if you are still struggling

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