White Spot Removal

Worried about white spots on your teeth?

White and brown spots on front teeth can be unsightly and cause embarrassment, leading to a reluctance to smile.

Due to advancements in technology this issue can be resolved without the expense of veneers or even composite bonding. At Cwmbran Dental Care we use the Icon White Spot Removal system which is quicker than other treatments and minimally invasive.

What does the treatment involve?

Icon works by accessing the pores inside the tooth to remove the white lesions without any need for drilling or pain. We apply a specially formulated gel to the tooth, which is left for a few minutes before we rinse it off and dry the tooth.

Tooth coloured resin is then applied, which is absorbed by the pores of the tooth. When this is hardened, the tooth is restored to the natural colour, with the white spots removed.

The results are not permanent, but can last around 2-5 years before needing to be topped up, depending on each case.

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