Contact sports can result in teeth being knocked or severely damaged

Custom-made mouthguards made from strong yet pliable material cushion teeth, to prevent damage such as chips, cracks and tooth loss.

Why should you choose a dentist made custom mouthguard?

While you can buy mouthguards at a sports shop, these ‘boil and bite’ varieties don’t provide the protection that a custom-made guard does. Shop bought guards do not fit as well as the customised guards made by a dentist and are generally thinner and are less strong. Having even a slight misfit can impact the integrity of the appliance – making it less secure and less comfortable.

The shop bought guards do have a use for children who still have their baby (deciduous teeth), as they can be adapted as the teeth fall out. Once most of the adult teeth are through, we recommend a custom made mouthguard.

What is involved?

When you come to our practice for a mouthguard, we will take moulds of your mouth which allows us to create a close fitting guard. When you visit us to pick up the guard, we make sure that it fits well and feels comfortable.

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