If you are in pain or have had an accident involving your mouth, it’s important that you act quickly and call us

We will give you immediate advice over the phone and arrange an emergency appointment. It is important that we see you, so we can diagnose your problem and stabilise the situation to prevent it worsening.

Whether the problem is from a broken tooth, lost filling or an infection, we aim to deal with it promptly, usually the same day, and to relieve your pain. Your wellbeing is important to us and we put your comfort first. We will discuss and cost all the treatment options for you.

Get in touch with our friendly team on 01633 877618 as soon as you can so we can arrange an appointment.

What to do if you have…


First take painkillers then contact the dentist. You can use paracetamol or ibuprofen immediately, but please remember to read the instructions on the packet and check for allergies. Eat soft foods avoiding the sore area and keep hydrated by drinking plenty of cool fluids.

Lost filling or crown?

Sugar-free chewing gum is worth keeping in the cupboard, for just this situation. Roll it into a ball and gently push into the hole or put a little under a crown and stick it back in place. There are over-the-counter dental ‘Holiday’ kits available in larger pharmacists, which contain dental cement and tools.

Chipped a tooth?

First rinse your mouth with warm water. If you find any pieces of tooth, keep them. Cover the broken tooth with sugar free chewing gum. You can stop any bleeding from the gum with a piece of gauze pressed on the wound. If you also are in pain, take painkillers.

Knocked out a tooth?

We will be much more likely to be able to save the tooth if you see us quickly, within the first hour. Hold the tooth carefully and avoid touching the roots, as these are very delicate. Rinse gently with water to remove any debris, then if you can try to put the tooth back in the socket where it came from, making sure it is the right way around. Try not to force it in as this could damage the tooth and the gum. If this is not possible, try and hold the tooth in your cheek, where saliva prevents the tooth from drying out. Alternatively you can place the tooth in milk.

An abscess?

Rinse your mouth with warm, salty water and apply a cold compress to ease any facial swelling. Take painkillers if in pain and phone us immediately, as this is an emergency. You will need to be seen the same day to stop the infection spreading to other areas. Not all swollen faces are painful, but you still need an emergency appointment.

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